Stellantis explores battery swapping tech for EVs

(Credit: Stellantis)

Stellantis partnered with Ample Establish to explore Modular Battery Swapping Technology for electric vehicles (EVs). Stellantis and Ample signed a binding agreement to deliver battery charging technology capable of recharging in less than five minutes. 

“The partnership with Ample is another example of how Stellantis is exploring all avenues that enable freedom of mobility for our electric vehicle customers. In addition to other projects we are focused on, Ample’s Modular Battery Swapping solution has the opportunity to offer our customers greater energy efficiency, outstanding performance, and lower range anxiety. We are looking forward to executing the initial program with our stellar Fiat 500e,” said Ricardo Stamatti, Stellantis Senior Vice President of the Charging & Energy Business Unit.

Stellantis aims to leverage Ample’s Modular Battery Swapping solution for its electric vehicles. The legacy automaker plans to establish battery swapping stations where customers can switch depleted EV cells with fully charged batteries. Ample and Stellantis are discussing the possibilities of expanding the applications of battery swapping technology. 

Ample and Stellantis’s first battery swapping stations will be located in Europe. The companies plan to kickstart the project in Madrid, Spain, in 2024 with a fleet of 100 Fiat 500e vehicles that are part of the legacy automaker’s Free2move car-sharing service.

Ample’s modular batteries are designed to fit into any electric vehicle, enabling their use in any Stellantis electric vehicle. According to the legacy automaker, Ample’s batteries can be deployed in public areas in at least three days. 

Customers who want to swap batteries may initiate the process through the mobile app. Ample estimates that a fully charged battery should be installed in less than five minutes. 

“The combination of offering compelling electric vehicles that can also receive a full charge in less than five minutes will help remove the remaining impediments to electric vehicle adoption. We look forward to working with Stellantis to deploy our joint solution across communities around the world,” said Khaled Hassounah, CEO of Ample.

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Stellantis explores battery swapping tech for EVs
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