Tesla has received over 2 million deposits for the Cybertruck: design head

Credit: Jay Leno's Garage

As early deliveries for the Cybertruck are making their way to initial customers, one Tesla executive has highlighted the vehicle’s strong demand by noting that it has received over two million deposits.

The Tesla Cybertruck made an appearance on Jay Leno’s Garage on Monday, featuring discussions and a test drive with the automaker’s Head of Design, Franz von Holzhausen, and Vice President of Vehicle Engineering, Lars Moravy. While the talks covered a wide range of topics and interesting details, von Holzhausen also confirmed that Tesla has received over two million deposits for the Cybertruck.

The video’s first 40 minutes contain mostly discussions on the design and engineering choices for the truck, during which Leno asks von Holzhausen and Moravy about features such as its wade mode and scuba pack — which allows the Cybertruck to drive in water up to two and a half feet — its impressive 0.335 drag coefficient, its high ground clearance, and the truck’s 800-volt charging architecture, among several other features.

About two-thirds of the way through the video, the three take the Cybertruck out for a test drive throughout Los Angeles, even including a brief stint off-roading and driving through a shallow creek. The discussion about the vehicle continues, including talks on Supercharging, using the Cybertruck bi-directionally, a future of inductive charging and more.

In October, Leno also drove a Tesla Semi on his YouTube channel, even showing off its powerful towing ability by having the electric semi-truck tow another Tesla Semi. Leno has historically been a strong supporter of Tesla, featuring many of the automaker’s vehicles on his channel over the years.

This particular video comes as Tesla has begun delivering the “Foundation Series” Cybertruck, and just a few weeks after the company’s initial delivery event. It also comes as many wonder how much demand exists for the Cybertruck, and after it was suggested months ago that the vehicle could have garnered millions of reservations.

You can watch Jay Leno’s full episode on the Cybertruck below, featuring Tesla Head of Design Franz von Holzhausen and Vice President of Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy.

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Tesla has received over 2 million deposits for the Cybertruck: design head
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