Tesla Sweden gets orders from Elon Musk

(Credit: Tesla)

The conflict between Tesla Sweden and IF Metall appears to have hit a roadblock as discussions have been taken off the table. 

IF Metall’s strike continues until Tesla Sweden signs a collective agreement. On the other hand, Tesla Sweden refuses to sign such an agreement. According to mediator Kurt Eriksson, who contacted Tesla’s legal representative, Elon Musk has issued orders for the Swedish branch not to sign a collective agreement with IF Metall. 

Tesla Sweden and IF Metall last held a discussion on November 6. Eriksson believes there is no reason to schedule another meeting. He told local media that Tesla Sweden has no freedom to take action since the company has already stated it is not allowed to sign a collective agreement, despite IF Metall saying that the company must sign one. 

Eriksson pointed out the unique situation IF Metall and Tesla Sweden are in, stating that it involves an international company where the person in charge is in a different country. IF Metall’s strike against Tesla Sweden has already escalated, involving other trade unions that have affected the electric vehicle automaker’s business in the country. 

Meanwhile, most Tesla employees in Sweden have taken a stance against IF Metall. Tesla recently reported that over 90% of its employees have not joined the union’s strike and still come to work. IF Metall has also received criticism from Tesla car owners in Sweden. 

How would you resolve the standoff between Tesla Sweden and IF Metall? If you have more information about the situation between Tesla Sweden and IF Metall, contact me at or via X @Writer_01001101.

Tesla Sweden gets orders from Elon Musk
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