Tesla opens select Superchargers to all EVs in South Korea

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla opened select Superchargers to all electric vehicle (EV) brands in South Korea. The move is the latest in Tesla’s aim to open its Supercharger Network to all electric vehicles across the globe. 

Tesla announced the launch of open Superchargers in South Korea through X. A quick search through Tesla’s Supercharger map reveals that quite a few stalls have been opened to non-Tesla electric vehicles. A few netizens have already shared their experiences with an open Supercharger in South Korea. 

Tesla has been steadily opening its Supercharger Network to other electric vehicle brands in other countries since the beginning of the year. In the middle of the year, Tesla’s open Supercharger Network launched in China. The company launched its open Supercharger Network in China with 10 stations in Beijing and Shanghai, enough to accommodate nearly 37 non-Tesla electric vehicles. Tesla also planned to open 120 destination charging stations, covering 25 provinces and municipalities in China. 

In the summer, Tesla launched its open Supercharger Network in Australia. It opened nearly 50% of its 63 Supercharger stations to non-Tesla EVs. The list included Superchargers in South Australia, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Victoria, and West Australia. 

Tesla has been working hard to expand and improve its Supercharger Network worldwide. Besides launching the open Supercharger Network in other countries, Tesla has installed more V4 chargers across North America and selected regions. 

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Tesla opens select Superchargers to all EVs in South Korea
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