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Tesla celebrates 10,000 deliveries in Israel

Credit: Paz Gantovski | LinkedIn

Updated 9:58 AM ET: Headline and contents updated for accuracy. Tesla has delivered 10,000 vehicles in Israel cumulatively, not in a single week as previously stated.

Tesla celebrated its 10,000th vehicle delivery in Israel last week, the company announced on LinkedIn.

After launching sales in early 2021, Tesla’s presence in Israel has grown steadily. The company earned an import license in January of last year, which initiated sales in the country. Shortly after, Tesla launched the Model 3 in Israel, which has sparred with competitors from China like Geely, MG, and others. Tesla has been among Israel’s best-selling EV companies.

With import taxes that vary from 50 to 92 percent, depending on citizenship status, foreign vehicle manufacturers are surely at a disadvantage. Tesla’s most affordable Model 3 trim level costs NIS 179,990, or $52,086, and the automaker is sure to clarify that these prices do not include import or luxury taxes.

But Tesla is reaching company milestones that are worth mentioning. Paz Gantovski, who has acted as Tesla’s Operations Manager in Israel since the company’s early 2021 entrance into the market, announced the automaker officially delivered its 10,000th vehicle in the country.

“Celebrated the 10K Tesla delivery in Israel this week,” Gantovski said. “I still remember the first deliveries just last year and how much we learned and progressed since. Happy both for Israel for this milestone (first time a manufacturer delivers 10K EVs) and, of course, for our Tesla team. Can’t wait to 20K!”

With an increase in customer deliveries, Tesla has started to hire for more roles in Israel. In October, Tesla posted several new positions related to Service, a noted weak point of the company in other countries.

Tesla imports vehicles to Israel from Gigafactory Shanghai in China.

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Tesla celebrates 10,000 deliveries in Israel
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