Tesla has created 15,000 jobs with Giga Texas, shows economic update

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A new economic impact report in Texas was revealed this week, showing that Tesla had supported as many as 15,000 jobs in the state as of the end of 2022.

Tesla reported an update on its economic impact in Texas to the Travis County commissioners on Tuesday, saying that the company had created the jobs through either employment or through its larger supply chain, according to a report from KVUE. The automaker also estimated that it will have paid $15 million in taxes to the county between 2020 and the end of this year, with over $49 million paid in Del Valle.

Additionally, the update included that Tesla pays an average of $74,000 per year to its workers, adding that the vast number of employees needed at the facility is partly due to the sheer size of the factory, according to the company’s North America Policy and Business Development Director Rohan Patel.

“What’s really difficult is that people don’t understand the scale, even when you’re driving through it,” Patel said to Travis County commissioners. “It’s 50 percent bigger than the Pentagon. It’s the second-largest factory building in the world. And that doesn’t happen without a lot of partnership with government.”

You can view the agenda for the Tuesday meeting with Travis County commissioners here. In it, Tesla is discussed under the name “Colorado River Project, LLC,” which is a pseudonym for its Giga Texas.

Tesla is also expanding into Hays County, as announced in August by Travis Mitchell, Mayor of Kyle, Texas. The project broke ground in June, and Tesla will utilize three warehouse spaces in the town spanning over one million square feet in what’s been called the “Texas Innovation Corridor.” The site is near Gigafactory Texas, despite being located in a neighboring county.

The news of Tesla’s economic impact in Texas comes just as Travis County commissioners have approved investments totaling $750,000 from the automaker into local schools and organizations, representing a much higher amount than what was required.

It also comes just ahead of the release of Tesla’s third-quarter financial results, which the automaker is set to reveal in an earnings call on Wednesday evening.

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Tesla has created 15,000 jobs with Giga Texas, shows economic update
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