More uncovered Tesla Cybertrucks spotted ahead of Q3 earnings call

As many eagerly await Tesla’s third-quarter financial results on Wednesday evening, the company appears to be cleaning and preparing its main entrance, along with more uncovered Cybertrucks being spotted in the automaker’s outbound lot.

Drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer spotted four uncovered Cybertrucks in Tesla’s outbound parking at Gigafactory Texas on Wednesday morning, as shared on X. He also spotted employees cleaning the new main entrance area of the factory, along with several new Model Y and painted Model Y bodies at the site.

Tegtmeyer also points out that the photo with painted Model Y bodies also has what appear to be spray-out cards sitting on one of the vehicles’ hoods, which are used to test and match paint colors by many manufacturers.

You can catch Tesla’s Q3 earnings call on YouTube here. You can also see Joe’s full video from Wednesday morning below.

Earlier this month, Tesla announced the delivery of 435,059 vehicles in Q3 and the production of 430,488 units. Although the company missed on delivery estimates, Tesla maintained that it is still on track to reach its annual forecast of 1.8 million deliveries this year, which would represent the company’s largest Q4 delivery number yet if achieved.

Following Wednesday’s earnings call, Tesla will also hold a Q&A to answer shareholder questions, and you can see the top inquiries here. At the forefront of many shareholder’s minds, as indicated by the Q&A’s top question, are Cybertruck deliveries.

Many have also expressed questions as to when Tesla will begin initial Cybertruck deliveries, with some predicting that the automaker will announce a delivery event during the Q3 call.  Tegtmeyer also spotted nine Cybertrucks in the Giga Texas outbound lot earlier this week, stoking further questions about whether investors can expect to hear news about the forthcoming electric pickup during the call.

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More uncovered Tesla Cybertrucks spotted ahead of Q3 earnings call
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