Tesla owners start receiving AI Day 2022 invites

Credit: Tesla

It appears that Tesla has started to send out AI Day 2022 invites. Images of the invitations were recently shared online.

As per the AI Day 2022 invite, the event would allow attendees to learn about some of Tesla’s most important endeavors. These include artificial intelligence, Full Self-Driving, the Dojo supercomputer, and the humanoid Tesla Bot or Optimus, among others. 

Unlike other Tesla events such as the Cyber Rodeo, Tesla noted that attendees of AI Day 2022 would not be allowed to bring guests. Plus-ones will not be admitted to the event as well. 

Following is the text of Tesla’s invitation to AI Day 2022

“You’re invited to attend AI Day 2022 on September 30 in Palo Alto, CA. You’ll learn about Tesla’s latest developments in artificial intelligence, including Full Self-Driving, Tesla Bot, Dojo, and more. 

“To reserve your spot, please reply to this email by 11:59PM on September 28. Additional details to follow. We look forward to meeting you! 

“A valid state-issued ID is required for admission. Your ticket is non-transferable, and no guests or plus-ones will be admitted. Travel and accommodation are not included. 

So far, it appears that Tesla AI Day 2022 invites are being distributed in a randomized manner, though some FSD Beta testers and longtime Tesla owners have reported that they already received an invite to the event. A tech YouTuber, @AnastasiInTech, also shared that she got an invite. 

Elon Musk has stated that events like AI Day are designed for recruitment. And while presentations such as Battery Day and Autonomy Day have not been repeated yet, AI Day is seemingly shaping up to be a regular event, as hinted at by the company’s inclusion of the year in the event’s name. 

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Tesla owners start receiving AI Day 2022 invites
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