Tesla preps its API for Robotaxi with two new features

Tesla is prepping its API for the future Robotaxi with two new features that were found within the coding.

Tesla’s Robotaxi unveiling event is set for August 8, and people are still curious as to what the automaker is planning to bring to the table. We know it will be built upon Tesla’s next-gen platform, which will enable more streamlined manufacturing in preparation for growth in both production and deliveries.

However, we are now seeing Tesla round out what will likely be a ride-sharing service similar to Uber or Lyft, with features like Passenger Ratings and a Guest Mode, which will limit features available to those who are just borrowing the vehicle.

Rider Quality Score

Tesla will implement a “Rider Quality Score” that will allow people to see how you treat the vehicle as a passenger. Uber and Lyft both implemented this years ago so that drivers could decline certain people from rides.

If you’re loud or obnoxious or damage things inside the car, your score will go down. This will keep riders on their best behavior and could eliminate things like theft or vandalism inside the car.

Whole Mars Catalog first saw this and shared a screenshot of the API coding:

It makes sense that Tesla would use this to potentially control some riders’ behaviors. We all know there are some people you probably wouldn’t want in your Robotaxi.

Guest Mode

According to Not a Tesla App, Tesla will also tie in a Guest Mode that is similar to Valet Mode. This will prevent certain features from being available.

Valet Mode allows for anything from glove box restrictions to speed limitations. It will be interesting to see what else Tesla wants to limit with the Robotaxi rollout.

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Tesla preps its API for Robotaxi with two new features
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