Tesla owners request FSD subscription or free supercharging after missing out on discounts

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Tesla’s recent price adjustments are no joke. With one swift stroke, Tesla effectively made its vehicles like the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover into some of the most competitive electric cars in the market. 

Inasmuch as Tesla would likely be seeing a wave of new vehicle orders this year due to its more affordable prices, some of the company’s recent customers have expressed frustration that they missed out on what could be described as a massive discount on their cars. This was especially true for customers who took delivery in Q4 2022. 

As Tesla blitzed to deliver as many vehicles as possible in the fourth quarter, the company heavily encouraged customers to take delivery before the end of the year. This was successful for the most part as they helped Tesla deliver a total of 1,313,851 in 2022, a growth of 40% compared to the year prior. This number, however, was less than Wall Street’s expectations, and it partly led to a drop in TSLA stock. 

It was then no surprise that a number of Tesla owners and enthusiasts are supporting a recently launched petition on Change.org asking the company to consider giving those who took delivery of their vehicles in Q4 some perks. Without the customers who took delivery of their cars in Q4, after all, Tesla’s numbers wouldn’t have been as impressive, and TSLA stock could have dipped further. 

The Change.org petition actually shows pretty reasonable requests. Started by Tesla YouTube host DennisCW, the petition is asking the EV maker to provide those who took delivery of their cars in Q4 2022 free access to Full Self-Driving for one year or free Supercharging miles. Considering that Tesla charges $199 per month for an FSD subscription, the owners’ request is quite reasonable. The same is true for free supercharging access. 

Both FSD access and free Supercharging would likely not cost Tesla an arm and a leg as the former is simply access to software-based features and the latter is already frequently provided by the company, especially in times of need. Plus, granting the owners’ petition would likely give Tesla a lot of positive sentiments from the car-buying public, which is quite valuable for the company as it goes deeper into the mainstream auto market. 

Watch a video on the Tesla owners’ petition below. A link to the petition can also be found here.

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Tesla owners request FSD subscription or free supercharging after missing out on discounts
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