Tesla Autopilot is the Perfect Traffic Companion

I don’t know about you but despite my own personal experiences telling me otherwise, I’m still not 100% comfortable with the idea of my Tesla being in charge while hurling down a highway doing 60 miles per hour. I have used it this way and will continue to do so, most likely on longer trips. When lanes are clearly marked, you are on a divided highway and you are holding the wheel and paying full attention, Autopilot works beautifully!

But when does it really shine? In traffic! 

Research shows that the average American commuter spends roughly the equivalent of a whole working week per year in traffic. If you’re one of those commuters like I am, you know that a drop of rain or snowflake almost certainly means you’re in for an extra miserable commute.

Tuesday morning in Philadelphia, I awoke to that thought. It was dark and rainy and the traffic report on the radio said to expect delays. Only, today was my day to drive Ellie, our beautiful Model S to work. Joy! Once I’m on the highway I can let the car do all the work while I hold my hands at a comfortable low position on the wheel. Anything that makes an exceptionally long morning commute more enjoyable is okay in my book.

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