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Tesla rolls out Traffic-Aware Cruise Control chime to make its vehicles even safer

Tesla’s driver-assist system just became safer, with the company adding a chime when Traffic-Aware Cruise Control (TACC) is engaged or disengaged. With the new feature in place, drivers would likely be more aware of their vehicles’ active features at a given time. 

“You will now receive an audio alert when Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is enabled. To disable, tap Controls > Autopilot > Traffic-Aware Cruise Control Chime,” Tesla wrote about the feature in its Release Notes. 

While this update may seem relatively minor, the addition of a chime of TACC engagement and disengagement could make driving Teslas simpler and safer. TACC is a convenient system as it allows vehicles to slow down or maintain a set driving speed depending on the presence of other cars in the same lane. Tesla makes it a point to note, however, that TACC is not a collision warning or avoidance system and that the system is primarily designed for straight roads like freeways. 

Inasmuch as Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is useful, veteran Tesla users have noted that it would be better for the company to disable the feature when a driver disengages Autopilot with the steering wheel. Since TACC tends to still be activated when Autopilot is disengaged, some drivers have noted that they get surprised at times when their vehicles still accelerate under TACC. This feedback has also been shared by the company’s FSD Beta testers as well. 

Interestingly, a dedicated chime for TACC engagement and disengagement has been rolled out by Tesla in the past. Earlier this year, Tesla introduced a similar feature in China. The voluntary addition of the feature, which was interestingly dubbed by China’s State Administration for Market Regulation as a “recall,” was performed and completed through an over-the-air update.

A demo of this feature could be viewed in the video below. 

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Tesla rolls out Traffic-Aware Cruise Control chime to make its vehicles even safer
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