The Tesla Blockade Coming from Legacy Automakers and Trump

Look, as the great Hunter S. Thompson used to write, the “fat is in the fire.” The auto industry is ready to do what it does best, rest on its laurels and block any disruption on their March to Mediocrity. The recent picks, by the Trump transition team, show that Tesla is not getting invited to the “economic party” and will endure real obstacles in trying to sell its range of products.

GM’s Mary Barra, the ring-leader of mediocrity in the automotive universe, was invited last week to the exclusive, inner-circle by Mr. Trump to discuss job creation. As the New York Times reported, Elon Musk wasn’t there. The man that has lead to the creation of 30,000 manufacturing jobs in the last eight years between SpaceX, Tesla Motors and the newly acquired Solar City.

And, just think about how many more jobs could have been if Texas, Iowa, Utah, Connecticut and Michigan would just say yes to America.

I digress but Tesla is the only hope for a successful transition to sustainable transport, with an administration that doesn’t want anything to do with this disruptor. It’s “all or nothing” with these king-hell, greed freaks and the sooner Tesla nation understands this ugly truth, the better. And, most do.

Sustainable Transport Competition?

So, what about the upcoming Bolt versus Model 3 showdown? Green Car Reports just bestowed the 2017 green car of the year to the Bolt. So, how did GM parlay this prestigious award into a marketing tidal wave? They didn’t. Amazingly, there wasn’t one press release about the accolade since mid-November 2016.

I also did a quick search for 2016 for other press releases on the Bolt and there’s only one. It’s about the Bolt’s plant and its green manufacturing credentials in Ontario.

Plus, GM will have a limited release of the Bolt in 2017 — for practical profit reasons — and on a recent Talking Tesla podcast; the fellas mentioned the scarcity of Volts currently in California. Yes, California.

However, there’s good news on the horizon for Tesla as I like the chances of the Model 3 arriving on time in 2017. In the most recent shareholder letter, financial analyst Daniel Sparks noted that Tesla seems keen on Model 3 volume manufacturing for the second half of 2017. From the Q3 shareholder letter in November:

“Gigafactory construction and Model 3 development both remain on plan to support volume Model 3 production and deliveries in the second half of 2017.”

Plus, it seems the masses are waiting for the Model 3. A recent CleanTechnica article shows that the BMW 3 Series sales are declining. See figure below.

However, the Tesla squeeze is coming from these oil-based cretins, and it may come in the form of limited service centers as it’s the only way to knock out Tesla. My prediction is for states to stay in opposition to consumer rights groups and block Tesla out of states like Texas, Utah and, of course, Michigan.

Some are pointing to Trump’s meeting with Silicon Valley tech leaders today as a way to extend an olive branch to Musk and others. I see it as Trump playing to the room and having Musk spill any information on the company’s plans. I doubt Musk will be too forthcoming and this meeting is probably all optics on some level.

With this mutant power structure in place and legacy automakers following, Tesla is the only hope for sustainable transport and Musk knows it.

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