Tesla China sees 18,300 insurance registrations in December’s 3rd week

Credit: Tesla Asia/X

Tesla China’s domestic deliveries for the week ending December 17 suggest that Giga Shanghai is currently focusing its resources on the domestic market. As per data from industry watchers, Tesla China saw over 18,000 new vehicle insurance registrations last week. 

Tesla China does not announce its weekly sales figures, though the company’s general performance in the local automotive market could be inferred by the number of new vehicle registrations that are tracked every week. Fortunately, these numbers are watched closely by industry watchers. Even fellow carmakers such as Li Auto have taken it upon themselves to share China’s weekly insurance data. 

And as per Li Auto’s recent data, Tesla China saw 18,300 new vehicle insurance registrations for the week of December 11 to December 17, 2023. This represented a pretty impressive 18.83% increase from the 15,400 registrations that were tracked from the previous week. It should be noted that in December’s first week, Tesla China saw 17,400 insurance registrations

Considering the vehicle insurance registrations that have been tracked for Tesla China this December so far, it would appear that the electric vehicle maker has seen about 41,700 registrations from December 1 to December 17. This bodes well for Tesla, considering that there are still 14 days left before the end of the month. 

Wall Street veteran and The Future Fund LLC Managing Partner Gary Black, a Tesla bull, has noted that the past week’s insurance registrations in China represent the company’s third highest ever. It also places China’s fourth-quarter domestic sales at an impressive 138,000 vehicles with two weeks remaining in December. 

Needless to say, Tesla China seems to be on track to break its previous domestic delivery record of about 156,700 vehicles, and once more, Giga Shanghai will likely play a notable part in the company’s efforts to attain its ambitious goal of delivering 1,800,000 vehicles this year. 

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Tesla China sees 18,300 insurance registrations in December’s 3rd week
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