Tesla China looking to hit over 80k deliveries this month: report

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It appears that Tesla China is expecting to deliver an impressive number of vehicles this September. With the upgrades to Gigafactory Shanghai now completed, the electric vehicle maker is reportedly looking to achieve domestic deliveries of about 80,000 to 90,000 this month. 

If Tesla China is successful in this, it will represent yet another record for the company and Gigafactory Shanghai. So far, Tesla China’s best-selling month was June 2022, when the company sold 78,906 vehicles. The majority of the cars sold in June were for local customers. 

As noted in a report from jiuyangongshe.com, the electric vehicle maker is targeting deliveries of about 80,000 to 90,000 vehicles domestically this month. This is a lofty goal, especially since insurance data from previous weeks suggested that Tesla seemed to be having delivery challenges in the country.  

Interestingly enough, the shorter wait times for Model 3 and Model Y orders in China reportedly affected scalpers who book vehicles early and resell them later for large profits. With the wait times now shortened significantly, more buyers would likely avoid scalpers since they can simply wait for their vehicle orders from Tesla.

Part of the reason why some customers in China are reportedly expecting price cuts is due to the fact that Tesla is already a very profitable automaker. Hence, the company could implement price adjustments for its locally produced vehicles if it strategizes enough. Estimates in China reportedly suggest that Tesla will reduce its Model 3 prices by RMB 20,000 ($2,700) and the Model Y by RMB 28,000 ($3,900). 

“There is a tradition of price reduction: Historically, Tesla has been ahead of the market regardless of whether the price has been raised or lowered. There is room for price reduction: Tesla’s 22Q2 single-vehicle profit is 8,000+ US dollars, and its 22Q3 single-vehicle net profit hits 13,000 US dollars, equivalent to 80,000 yuan, which is extremely profitable,” the report read. 

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai is the company’s primary vehicle export hub, but the facility also has the responsibility of supplying premium electric vehicles to the domestic market. With this in mind, it is pertinent for Tesla to ensure that its cars are priced accordingly in China, especially since the country is rife with other EV makers that could very well be just as quick and aggressive as Tesla. 

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Tesla China looking to hit over 80k deliveries this month: report
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