Tesla China increases customer service in the face of Coronavirus epidemic

Tesla's Made-in-China Model 3. (Credit: JayInShanghai/Twitter)

Tesla is ramping its customer service in China efforts amidst the Coronavirus epidemic that has claimed the lives of thousands worldwide. Customers in China who ordered a Model 3 will be able to take delivery of their new cars from the comfort of their own homes in what appears to be an initiative to help keep customers safe by minimizing human interaction.

A tweet posted by Tesla owner and electric car enthusiast @Ray4Tesla shows several China-made Tesla Model 3s being loaded individually onto haulers. This would indicate single vehicles are being delivered to specific addresses and not being dropped off in batches at local Tesla stores. The more “normal” delivery process requires owners to drive to their local Tesla showroom and accept delivery with the assistance of an advisor.

Tesla China is concerned about its customers and their health. This is evident in the most recent move of initiating home deliveries of the company’s all-electric vehicles. However, Tesla’s efforts to protect its Chinese customers from the spreading pandemic has not halted the company’s ability to give them a pleasant car buying experience.

In late January 2020, Tesla unlocked free Supercharging for customers within the Chinese market. This was an attempt to help owners travel amidst the rapid spread of the virus. “To make it easier for you to travel during the coronavirus outbreak, effective today we will temporarily open all Tesla vehicles to be free to charge at the Supercharging station until the epidemic is resolved,” a message to owners said. Tesla China has also taken proactive steps to prevent the further spread of the virus, such as disinfecting Supercharger stalls close to Giga Shanghai.

Even still, Tesla was not finished yet. Tesla managed to open accounts for each Chinese store in local social media platform Douyin, China’s version of TikTok. This was utilized to push knowledge-based content to prospective buyers. Douyin allowed customers to speak to Tesla sales representatives in their local store without leaving their house, giving them free rein to have their buying experience be as close to the real thing as possible.

Despite the dangers of the Coronavirus, Tesla has taken steps to make their customers’ car buying experience a memorable one. Through proactive measures and little creativity, Tesla China is still able to cater to its customer base in a personalized manner.

Tesla China increases customer service in the face of Coronavirus epidemic
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