Tesla China rolls out new promo for Model 3/Y buyers

Credit: Tesla

Tesla China launched a new promotion for interested Model 3 and Model Y buyers. 

Tesla China customers who are invested in purchasing Model 3 or Model Y electric vehicles may take advantage of a new promotion that allows them to choose between zero interest or zero down payment. The new Tesla promo expires on June 30. 

Tesla China’s marketing team has been working overtime since the beginning of the year. In January 2024, Tesla slightly cut the price of Model 3 and Model Y vehicles made in Giga Shanghai. In April, Tesla China rolled out new incentives for Model Y and Model 3 customers, similar to its latest promo ending on June 30. 

Recently, Tesla increased the price of the Model 3 Performance by $1,000 in the United States. The US Model 3 Performance went from $53,990 to $54,990. 

During its first-quarter earnings call, Tesla acknowledged a slowdown in the EV market. Other automakers have also talked about plateauing EV sales. Despite the current state of the EV market, however, Tesla remains resolute in an all-EV future. 

“As we all have seen, the EV adoption rate globally is under pressure, and a lot of other order manufacturers are pulling back on EVs and pursuing plug-in hybrids instead. We believe this is not the right strategy, and electric vehicles will ultimately dominate the market,” said Elon Musk in his opening remarks.

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Tesla China rolls out new promo for Model 3/Y buyers
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