Tesla applies to sell new China-Made Model 3s with ternary batteries

Tesla Made-In-China Model 3 (Source: Tesla China via Ray4Tesla on Twitter)

Tesla China has applied for the approval to sell and receive subsidies for two new Model 3 variants. The two new configurations of the sedan will use lithium-ion ternary batteries that would be more favorable across China as varying weather conditions can affect the performance of the vehicles.

Documents found on the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website show the company wants to sell two new Dual Motor variants of the electric sedan. It appears that the electric automaker could bring two new configurations of Tesla’s most popular vehicle could make their way to China shortly.

The chart found by @DKurac shows the two vehicles, “TSL7000BEVBA0” and “TSL7000BEVBA1,” along with their specifications.

The vehicles would use lithium-ion ternary battery packs instead of the lithium-ion phosphate power sources that Tesla used in its Made in China Model 3 Standard Range version.

According to, lithium-ion ternary batteries are better for household electric vehicles because they can perform more efficiently with low-temperature resistance and ample rate charging.

Because of China’s massive land spread and vastly differing climate from area to area, the use of ternary batteries could be more beneficial to owners in the country. In Beijing, the highest temperature during the Summer months is around 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). The lowest temperature in the winter can get down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 degrees Celsius.

The use of the ternary batteries could be more suitable for the wide temperature ranges that the Chinese climate has to offer. Lithium-ion phosphate batteries with a high-temperature resistance are not capable of performing as well in cold climates, which eventually leads to range depletion.

This issue was confronted by Tesla with the Model Y. The company, instead of modifying battery cells, installed a heat pump into the all-electric crossover that would increase efficiency while traveling in colder climates.

Still, the exact configurations of both vehicles listed are not definite.

Both of the cars that appear on the chart are Dual Motor configurations of the Model 3. Interestingly enough, the Performance variant is already for sale in China because it is listed on Tesla’s website. This development begs the question of which two dual-motor configurations are listed on the above application.

Interestingly enough, the vehicle recognized as “TSL7000BEVBA1” on the chart has a more robust rear motor than the other car that is listed. However, it also has less energy consumption per 100 kilometers and a higher range rating, which means it would not line up with the Performance variant’s characteristics.

Meanwhile, the Dual Motor Long Range All-Wheel Drive version of the Model 3 remains off of the website, for now.

In March, Tesla enthusiast @JayInShanghai spotted a fleet of Model 3 Performance vehicles leaving Giga Shanghai on a tractor-trailer. At the time, Tesla had not yet announced the Model 3 Performance to be available in China. Still, it was evident that the company was testing the configuration ahead of its production in China.

Tesla will expand the production of its vehicles in Shanghai as it begins to offer more Model 3 variants and is currently working on building the second phase of its Chinese Gigafactory for the Model Y.

Tesla applies to sell new China-Made Model 3s with ternary batteries
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