Tesla China rolls out Enhanced Autopilot free trial and discounts to celebrate New Year

Credit: Tesla Asia/X

Tesla China is celebrating the Chinese New Year with a series of incentives that are designed to encourage existing owners to travel more. The incentives were announced through Tesla China’s official Weibo account. 

As could be seen in Tesla China’s social media post, the company is offering a number of special “courtesy” perks for customers this New Year. For one, existing owners could take delivery of a new vehicle and have their Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) or Full Self-Driving (FSD) system transferred to their new Tesla for free. 

Apart from free EAP/FSD transfers, Tesla China also included a free 30-day trial for Enhanced Autopilot for existing owners. On its poster, the electric vehicle maker noted that the free EAP offer is available to millions of car owners in China. Tesla also noted that Enhanced Autopilot should make travels this New Year’s season more secure, thanks to the suite’s advanced driver-assist features. 

One could argue that Enhanced Autopilot is Tesla’s best bang-for-the-buck premium driver-assistance package as it includes Navigate on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, Autopark, Summon, and Smart Summon. In the United States, EAP costs $6,000, half of FSD’s $12,000 cost. Despite this, EAP offers almost all of FSD’s features except Autosteer on City Streets and Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control.

Apart from a 30-day free trial for Enhanced Autopilot, Tesla China is also offering a discount for select vehicles’ Cold Weather package. The posters shared on Weibo also reference free Supercharging, which would be invaluable for owners who are traveling long distances. 

Tesla China’s new set of incentives has the potential to encourage more consumers to try out the company’s vehicles. They also complement the discount offer for inventory Model Y units and discounted premium paint options that were rolled out in recent weeks. Overall, these new incentives, coupled with previous promotions, could potentially help Tesla China achieve stellar sales numbers this quarter. 

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Tesla China rolls out Enhanced Autopilot free trial and discounts to celebrate New Year
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