Tesla appears to have closed Cybertruck ‘Foundation Series’ orders

Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer | X

Tesla appears to have stopped taking orders for the “Foundation Series” Cybertruck after multiple individuals have reported no longer being able to place an order on the company’s configurator for the truck.

Multiple individuals who were invited to configure their Cybertrucks via email on Friday night or Saturday morning have now reported that the ability to use the configurator in their accounts is no longer available, as detailed on X by MilMileBattery. The X user notes that two people who were previously invited to configure a Cybertruck order have attempted to complete their transactions but were later shown an error message and denied the ability to place an order.

Others in the Facebook group entitled Tesla CyberTruck have said the same thing, with one user saying he had been able to place an order on Saturday morning at around 9:30 a.m. ET, but that the ability was gone by around 2:00 p.m. ET.

It’s not entirely clear whether Tesla has closed Foundation Series Cybertruck orders for good, especially after a very limited number of users just gained the ability to place an order late on Friday evening, or if the company has closed them temporarily for another reason.

Several users were sent invites from Tesla to configure their Cybertrucks late Friday night and early Saturday morning, while the automaker was even letting some who hadn’t received invites place an order through the “Manage Reservation” section in their account.

In any case, many have pointed out that Tesla has been ramping up Cybertruck production at its Gigafactory Texas in the weeks since the initial delivery event, with larger batches of the vehicle in the site’s outbound lot than have been previously spotted. Tesla also shared its parts catalog for the Cybertruck this week, highlighting much of the hardware included in the vehicle that hadn’t before been detailed to the public.

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Tesla appears to have closed Cybertruck ‘Foundation Series’ orders
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