Tesla Cybertruck configurator opens for some who didn’t receive invites

Credit: Tesla

As many are receiving invites to configure their Cybertruck orders, Tesla has also started allowing some who haven’t received invites to design their vehicles.

Tesla has been ramping up Cybertruck production in the days since the delivery event late last month, and many have recently been receiving invites to configure their own Foundation Series editions of the vehicle. However, some users have spotted the ability to configure their Cybertrucks that haven’t received the invite, simply by navigating into their Tesla accounts.

As pointed out by Sawyer Merritt on Friday evening, some users with early reservation numbers can now configure their Cybertrucks through their Tesla account, even if they didn’t receive email invites to do so. By selecting “Manage” on their Cybertruck reservations, some users have been led to the design screen, subsequently being able to place orders for the vehicle.

One Facebook user in Utah confirmed the ability with a photograph of the finalized order, saying that he hadn’t received an email but also owns a Model 3, Model Y, and a Model X, leaving some wondering if past ownership has an impact on who it’s available to.

Credit: David-Carli Scott | Tesla Cybertruck group on Facebook

Other users in Idaho, Oregon and Nevada also responded to the post, saying that they were able to configure a Cybertruck without having received an email, and a number of others have confirmed the claims.

Cybertruck reservation holder Greggertruck also noted that email invites to configure the vehicle have been going out to those in a wider group of U.S. states, after they were originally only being sent to those in California in Texas. He says that Cybertrucks have been able to be ordered by those in Arizona, Minnesota, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Florida, New York, Indiana, Georgia and Alabama, in addition to those in the initial two states.

The news comes after Tesla has made its full parts catalog available for the Cybertruck, and as observers at Gigafactory Texas have seen large batches of the vehicle start going out for delivery over the past couple of weeks.

Tesla is reportedly requesting a $1,000 early access deposit from users to confirm their orders, and it’s currently only offering the dual-motor and tri-motor “Cyberbeast” configurations with its Foundation Series launch edition vehicles.

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Tesla Cybertruck configurator opens for some who didn’t receive invites
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