Tesla commits to 1,000 Superchargers in China by end of 2017

Tesla posted a new video that highlights the company’s expansion across the Chinese market, including its commitment to have 1,000 Superchargers in place in China by the end of 2017.

The company sold its first Model S in 2014, and in only three short years has already delivered thousands of Model S and Model X vehicles. Tesla’s latest video features testimonials from local drivers about how their Tesla has changed not only their driving experience, but their environmental impact as well.

“I am the first Model S owner in Tibet,” said one Model S owner in the video. “In Tibet there’s little pollution and Tesla cars have zero-emission and zero-pollution and also, zero noise. To drive a Tesla here is very meaningful. Driving a Tesla feels right.”

Other testimonials touched on the lifestyle changes that have occurred since Tesla vehicles have been introduced in China.

“Tesla brought a new concept in China, of how cars should be made. But it’s also a new lifestyle,” said one driver from Shanghai.

There are already hundreds of Superchargers and destination charging locations established in mainland China. The majority of the Superchargers are in the eastern region, linking cities like Hong Kong and Shanghai with China’s capital, Beijing.

The Teslarati interactive Supercharger map shows a route along the eastern coast between the two cities. With Tesla committed to bringing the number of Superchargers up into the thousands, it means that Chinese Tesla drivers will have even more long distance access to other parts of the country.

Tesla’s pledge falls into line with China’s recent commitment to ban all petrol and diesel vehicles. Although the country has yet to lay out a timetable for the gradual phasing out, it was a clear signal that the world’s largest automotive market values electrification.

As the country takes steps toward electrification and Model 3 production ramps up, an expanded Supercharger network means Tesla is ready to help provide the Chinese public with a practical, affordable EV option.

Tesla commits to 1,000 Superchargers in China by end of 2017
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