UPDATE: Tesla hints at HEPA for Model 3 Highland

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Update 4:14 p.m.: We are now hearing reports that a Tesla employee who posted the graphic of a Model 3 interior with HEPA air filter qualities may have been misleading. We are waiting for Tesla to officially confirm whether the image shared was misleading.

We have updated the headline and portions of the story to reflect this as Tesla has not confirmed the feature.

Tesla seems to have hinted toward massive feature has been included in the Model 3 Highland as the automaker finally decided to equip the mass-market sedan with a HEPA filter.

The HEPA filter was present initially on the Model S and Model X, and then made its way to the Model Y. Tesla has promoted the HEPA filter significantly over the past few years, highlighting its ability to filter out the vast majority of biohazards and fine particulate matter, including bacteria, viruses, pollen, and mold spores.

First look at Tesla Model Y’s HEPA filter for Bioweapon Defense Mode

Tesla also uses something called Bioweapon Defense Mode in the Model S, Model X, and Model Y, which takes everything a step further.

In a 2016 blog released by the company, Tesla said that the introduction of both a HEPA filter and Bioweapon Defense mode filtered out the pollution to “levels so low as to be undetectable (below the noise floor) by our instruments, allowing us to remove our gas masks and breathe fresh air while sitting inside a bubble of pollution.”

Tesla also showed off the effectiveness of the HEPA filter and Bioweapon Defense mode in a video last year:

Tesla shows off its super-effective HEPA filter and Bioweapon Defense Mode in crazy new test

Initially, Tesla included it on the Model S and Model X, as previously mentioned. The Model Y got the HEPA filter and Bioweapon Defense mode in 2021, but only the Model 3 was left as the automaker had not yet included it in the most affordable car it had in its lineup.

Now, it appears Tesla has hinted that it has included it with the Model 3 Highland, according to a graphic put out by the company’s China division:

Credit: Tesla China via TslaChan | X

With the updated Model 3 Highland making its way to various markets, including Asia, the Middle East, and most of Europe, it is a positive sign seeing the HEPA filter make its way to the car that put Tesla on the map as a mass market company.

Tesla advertises that the Model 3 Highland’s HEPA filter can take out 99.97 percent of particulate matter, which could affect the quality of the air that you breathe.

CEO Elon Musk joked several years ago that sitting in traffic with exhaust pipes flowing directly into your vehicle’s air system was probably not the best thing for humans to breathe in.

Now that the full Tesla lineup appears to have the HEPA filters installed, the automaker can officially flex its cars as some of the safest in terms of in-cabin air quality on the market.

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UPDATE: Tesla hints at HEPA for Model 3 Highland
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