Tesla Cybertruck makes rounds in Mexico

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The Governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García Sepúlveda, took the Tesla Cybertruck out for a spin in Mexico while attending various events. 

Last week, Governor Sepúlveda drove the Tesla Cybertruck to his public event, surprising attendees and attracting attention, reported Milenio. The Tesla Cybertruck’s draw was evident as people gathered around the all-electric truck at the Governor’s event. 

The Governor was greeted with cheers and excitement as he drove into one of his events last week. He took the Tesla Cybertruck to two events: the Citizen Pavilion and the Esplanade Palace of Government Heroes. At the Palace, Tesla’s Cybertruck quickly became a main attraction as crowds of young people gathered around it to take pictures and videos.  

According to Sepúlveda, the Tesla Cybertruck was lent to him by a friend in Laredo. The all-electric pickup truck came from Texas based on its original license plates. The Cybertruck’s license plates were later replaced with one from Nuevo León. 

It isn’t the first time the Cybertruck has visited Mexico. Earlier this month, Tesla shared videos of Cybertruck testing in Baja California, Mexico. Before deliveries last year, Tesla conducted some Cybertruck tests in Baja California. The company’s recent video showcased the Cybertruck’s experience during their visit. 

Governor Sepúlveda’s borrowed Cybertruck won’t be the last time people see Tesla’s all-electric pickup in Mexico. In fact, more Cybertrucks might grace the roads of Mexico soon. In 2019, the Mayor of Cuidad Valles, a municipality in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, reserved 15 Cybertrucks for the police force. The Mayor ordered ten Dual Motor AWD variants and five Tri-Motor AWD Cybertrucks. 

Governor Sepùlveda played a critical role in Tesla’s decision to build a gigafactory in Mexico. The local government of Nuevo León is doing everything in its power to support Tesla Giga Mexico’s construction. 

Tesla Giga Mexico is expected to start operations with the company’s $25,000 vehicle. However, Elon Musk has teased that the Cybertruck will also be produced in Mexico

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Tesla Cybertruck makes rounds in Mexico
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