Tesla Cybertruck mistaken for alien vehicle in recent encounter

Credit: @TeslaCarey/X

It is always a joy to see the unsuspecting public react to the Tesla Cybertruck’s alien looks. The vehicle is completely different from what one would consider a traditional truck. It’s fresh, polarizing, and perhaps even a little unnerving, if a recent post on social media is any indication. 

With Tesla Cybertrucks being shipped out of Gigafactory Texas, more and more of the vehicles are being spotted on public roads, some of which are transported on car carrier trucks. Some of the Cybertrucks were reportedly spotted in Gallup, New Mexico, where they caused some confusion for a TikTok user, who thought that the all-electric pickup truck was out of this world — literally. 

As could be seen in TikTok user @radiantluz’s post, she and her companion were so thrown off by the Cybertruck that she thought she was seeing something alien. “We were scared and thought we were visited by extraterrestrials,” the TikTok user noted in her caption. The TikTok user and her companion could also be seen excitedly inspecting and admiring the Cybertrucks, which reportedly gave off extraterrestrial vibes.

Videos taken of the Cybertruck encounter showed that the all-electric pickup trucks were received with much excitement, thanks in no small part to their unique design. Overall, the sighting is a pretty good reminder that the Cybertruck, while known to the EV community for almost four years now, is still a very new vehicle for most people. As such, it is bound to get attention from the general public. Lots of it. 

The Cybertruck is arguably Tesla’s most daring vehicle to date. Its unashamedly futuristic and non-traditional look suggests that it will be loved and hated by people at the same time. Despite this, it is becoming more and more evident that like it or not, the Cybertruck will be a vehicle that could be a rolling billboard of sorts for Tesla, even if the pickup itself does not appear to have any exterior badging from the electric vehicle maker at all.

Deliveries of the Cybertruck are expected to start sometime this quarter, with Tesla launching a referral prize that provides users and a friend with an invite to the all-electric pickup truck’s upcoming delivery event. The event will be held in Austin, Texas. 

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Tesla Cybertruck mistaken for alien vehicle in recent encounter
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