Tesla Cybertruck bi-directional charging ad features Nothing Phone (1) cameo

Credit: Cybertruck/X

A recent advertisement for the Tesla Cybertruck posted on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, has caught the attention of the online smartphone community. This was partly due to the electric vehicle maker heavily featuring a rather unorthodox smartphone in its ad — a phone that is, in some ways, very fitting for the Cybertruck.

Elon Musk was not kidding when he stated in the past that the Cybertruck would include some of Tesla’s most ambitious features to date. These include its bi-directional charging system and 120V and 240V outlets on board. Tesla highlighted these features with an extended version of an ad that was played during the Cybertruck’s first delivery event. 

In the sub-1-minute advertisement, Tesla showcased how the Cybertruck’s bi-directional charging system could be used to power both homes and other electric cars. The company also highlighted how the vehicle’s 120V and 240V onboard outlets could power everything from power tools at a construction site to DJ equipment at an off-grid nighttime rave. 

But while the Cybertruck ad was already compelling enough, smartphone fans and social media users quickly observed that the video featured a rather unusual phone. Instead of the typical Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Fold, Tesla opted to showcase a smartphone with glowing LED glyphs at the rear. It was so unusual that some users on X speculated if the device was the long-rumored “alternative smartphone” that Elon Musk once considered

A closer look at the device, however, would reveal that it is actually a Nothing Phone (1), which is produced by London-based Nothing Technology Limited. The company is founded by Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus. Interestingly enough, the Nothing Phone (1), which was featured in the Cybertruck ad, is actually not widely available in the United States, with the company instead making the device’s successor, the Nothing Phone (2), available in the US at launch.

Nothing founder Carl Pei seemed very pleased with his device’s cameo in the Cybetruck ad, thanking Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a post. In a way, it is quite fitting for Tesla to have used a rather unorthodox smartphone in its Cybertruck ad. The Cybertruck, after all, is the farthest thing from what could be considered conventional, so it makes perfect sense that it was paired with a non-mainstream device by the EV maker. 

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Tesla Cybertruck bi-directional charging ad features Nothing Phone (1) cameo
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