Amazon exhibits Ford F-150 Lightning with built-in Alexa at CES 2024

(Credit: Jim Farley)

During CES 2024, Amazon showcased a Ford F-150 Lightning with Alexa. Amazon Alex was spotted in another vehicle at the event as well. 

“It was a great week at CES highlighting our Alexa Built-in integration in the Ford F-150 Lightning at the Amazon Devices exhibit. We are so proud to collaborate with Ford Motor Company and showcase the experiences we have developed for our customers,” wrote Alexa Auto in a LinkedIn post. 

Alexa Auto is Amazon’s attempt to bring its virtual assistant on the road and inside vehicles. Alexa Auto already has some tough competition in the field in the guise of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

Alexa Auto might have an edge with customers relying on Amazon’s virtual assistant at home. Alex Auto would be an excellent way to tie people’s smart homes with their smart cars and other devices.

Amazon also teamed up with BMW to showcase Alexa Auto at CES 2024. 

“Exciting things are brewing behind the scenes at the Amazon for Automotive booth. Get ready for the show and stay tuned for a glimpse into the future of automotive voice AI with Amazon and our partner BMW Group,” teased the Director and Head of Production and Business Development at Amazon Smart Vehicles.

Amazon has partnered with more than Ford to expand Alexa Auto’s audience. Ford’s battery electric vehicle (BEV) lineup is slim, and it doesn’t seem like the legacy automaker will grow its EV offerings anytime soon. In fact, Ford recently announced that it plans to reduce F-150 Lightning production and increase gas vehicle output. 

Alexa Auto fits well with battery electric vehicles, which are often expected to come with the latest technologies. So Amazon might partner with other automakers on future battery electric vehicle releases. 

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Amazon exhibits Ford F-150 Lightning with built-in Alexa at CES 2024
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