Tesla Cybertruck gets close-up video treatment in California sighting

Credit: u/neurocaptain | Reddit

Prototypes of Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck have been seen all around the U.S. in the past several weeks, ahead of the automaker’s plans to begin deliveries in the coming months. Tesla has not released many details about the Cybertruck’s specs, though one person who spotted one of the truck’s release candidates in recent weeks took to filming the vehicle close-up — capturing the unique electric pickup from several different angles.

In a post on Reddit on Saturday, user u/neurocaptain shared a video of a Cybertruck release candidate with Texas manufacturer plates in a Sausalito, California parking lot. The video shows close-up shots of the Cybertruck all around, with multiple shots zooming in on the truck’s stainless steel panels, rear bumper, tires and more as the camera person walks around the vehicle.

In addition to showing off several exterior shots, the video zooms in on the windows, showing some shots of the vehicle’s interior. Like many recently shared videos and photos of release candidate Cybertruck prototypes, it includes some wire harnesses for testing, which can be seen being routed to the inside of the car on the front passenger seat.

You can also see some panel gaps on the exterior of the Cybertruck prototype, along with a bit of beat-up plastic on the rear passenger side. Other noteworthy sightings include a small green LED spotted on the side of the rearview mirror, a pillar camera and more.

The post was also shared on YouTube, and you can watch the full 97-second clip below.

The news comes as many wonder what official specs will be included with production versions of the Cybertruck, and as many hope that Tesla will soon release updates as to when Tesla will officially release the truck. In another close-up recently shared, one Cybertruck onlooker took a measuring tape to the vehicle’s rear bumper, noting that the vehicle is not dissimilar from the original prototype unveiled in 2019.

Cybertrucks have also been spotted all over public U.S. roads in recent months, suggesting that the company is performing final testing and that initial deliveries may be imminent. While Tesla originally planned to host a Cybertruck delivery event in Q3 this year, the deadline has come and gone, leaving many to wonder when initial deliveries will begin.

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Tesla Cybertruck gets close-up video treatment in California sighting
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