Tesla highlights panoramic glass roof use during solar eclipse

Credit: thesimple_sarah (via Tesla) | X

Update: It is not recommended that you look directly at the sun or a solar eclipse through your Tesla’s glass roof without the proper protective eyewear.

Tesla’s vehicles include what the company calls a “panoramic glass roof,” letting users see a clear view directly upward from within their cars. In a recent post, Tesla highlighted one rather unique use of the glass roof, as one user utilized the view to film a solar eclipse.

Tesla recently shared a post on X in which user thesimple_sarah shared her use of the glass roof to film the solar eclipse on Saturday morning. The post includes a video of the eclipse taken by the user, along with a separate photo of the mounted rig for the video camera.

“Panoramic glass roof comes in handy,” Tesla writes in the post.

Tesla has highlighted its glass roof before, primarily in videos showing off the benefits of the massive glass panel. In one video noting the acoustic qualities of the glass panels in its cars, Tesla also says that the roof can absorb as much as 99 percent of the Ultraviolet rays coming through — effectively keeping passengers safe from sunburns while in the car.

The automaker has also pointed out the sheer beauty in the views allotted by the panoramic glass roof in the past, as can be seen in the video below.

The roof has also been praised as a major benefit for those who like to camp in their Tesla, echoing the automaker’s claim that the glass gives passengers “a sense of being outside.” Paired with Tesla’s Camp Mode, users have reported that the two can make for a pretty beautiful and comfortable camping experience.

Beyond being aesthetically pleasing and dampening the sound from outside the car, Tesla has also highlighted the safety qualities of its roof panels. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that the vehicles’ roofs can withstand the weight of a full elephant, and multiple real-world situations have shown that the panoramic glass roof is indeed quite strong.

Tesla Model 3 roof gets its real-world elephant strength test and passes with flying colors

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Tesla highlights panoramic glass roof use during solar eclipse
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