Tesla bull shares bold prediction on Cybertruck new variant, unveil date

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Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry recently posted a rather bold prediction about the Tesla Cybertruck. According to the analyst, who is among TSLA’s most ardent bulls, he expects the company to have two versions of the all-electric truck: one which matches the size of the vehicle’s alpha prototypes and another one about 15-20% smaller. 

The analyst added that the Cybertruck’s smaller variant would likely be unveiled at a special virtual event around March 2022. Apart from being 15-20% smaller than the original Cybertruck, Chowdhry noted that the vehicle would have “significant tweaks” to the all-electric pickup truck’s initial design. 

The longtime Tesla bull further predicted that Steel Dynamics, a company that is building a facility about 100 miles away from Gigafactory Texas, would be the sole supplier for the Cybertruck’s steel exoskeleton. This would reportedly be true for both the full-sized variant of the all-electric pickup truck and the yet-to-be-announced smaller version. 

The Global Equities Research analyst noted that he does not expect Tesla to mention the smaller Cybertruck during the upcoming Q4 and FY 2021 earnings call, as the company would likely wait until March before the vehicle is announced. Ultimately, Chowdhry reiterated his “Overweight” rating for Tesla stock as well as his optimistic $1,500 per share price target on the company. 

Interestingly enough, CEO Elon Musk actually entertained the idea of releasing a smaller Cybertruck in the past. Following the Cybertruck’s unveiling, a number of Tesla owners expressed their reservations about the vehicle’s size, which would likely not fit in some compact American garages. Musk then briefly considered the idea of reducing the vehicle’s width and height. But in later comments, the CEO stated that the production Cybertruck’s size would be fairly identical to the prototype that was unveiled in November 2019. 

That being said, Musk did admit that producing a smaller Cybertruck would make sense in the long term, especially since the original size of the vehicle might be a bit too large for some territories. If the Global Equities Research analyst’s predictions end up being proven right, then it would seem that Tesla is expecting some serious demand not only for an all-electric full-size truck, but also for one that is a bit more compact and potentially more affordable. 

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Tesla bull shares bold prediction on Cybertruck new variant, unveil date
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