Tesla Cybertruck is an easter egg within an easter egg (Credit: Teslarati)

Tesla hid a Cybertruck within its ‘Camp Mode’ Easter egg

After Tesla’s “Camp Mode” was released in December 2019, users took advantage of a cool way to experience the great outdoors from inside their electric vehicles. Little did owners know the Tesla Cybertruck was an easter egg within an easter egg, hiding behind a tree in the background.

“Camp Mode” is an Easter Egg put into Tesla vehicles with the 2019.40.50 software update. It gives owners who spend extended periods in their cars an added bit of comfortability through a campground image along with a tent and some lawn chairs. However, owners are now finding the Cybertruck in the background of the feature.

The Cybertruck lurking in the background of the Camp Mode wallpaper hints toward the vehicle’s capability to be useful for outdoor activities. After the unveiling of the Cybertruck in November, a potential owner inquired with CEO Elon Musk on the possibility of the pickup being a practical camping vehicle.

To find the hidden Tesla Cybertruck Easter egg, start by selecting “Camp Mode” in climate control settings and wait for Tesla Camp Mode activation.

The Cybertruck will be a direct competitor to other electric pickups coming to the market within the next few years. The Cybertruck’s unveiling hinted toward a rough and tough pickup that can handle all that owners will throw at it. After Musk’s confirmation of it being useful and capable of camping and outdoor activities and the now verification of its presence in “Camp Mode,” what will be the best use for the vehicle? Perhaps it being paired outside with its CyberATV four-wheeler could be the perfect segway to reach out to a new form of consumer: the Outdoorsman.

Tesla’s new Cybertruck showed the public that not every pickup on the market had to fit the stereotypical “truck” design when the company unveiled it in November 2019. The truck’s $49,990 Dual-Motor and $69,990 Tri-Motor powertrains will be built first in late 2021, while the $39,990 Single Motor variant will come later on.

H/T – Big thanks to Cybertruck Owners Club member and longtime reader Steve! 

Tesla Cybertruck is an easter egg within the Camp Mode easter egg (Photo: Teslarati)
Tesla hid a Cybertruck within its ‘Camp Mode’ Easter egg
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