Tesla’s Elon Musk considers Cybertruck tweak for more cargo space

The Tesla Cybertruck could be receiving additional cargo space by way of a folding rear window.

Prospective buyers of the Cybertruck took to social media to express their concerns that an already expansive eight-foot bed was not spacious enough for some materials. @TeslaTruckClub on Twitter confronted Musk with the idea of a rear window roll down that could expand the Cybertruck’s cargo space.

“It would be great if the Cybertruck’s rear window could roll down into the rear wall and then the whole wall fold in on top of folded rear seats,” @TeslaTruckClub said. “Perfect for camping when Tonneau is closed, and for carrying things longer than 8′ @elonmusk.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk simply replied, “Worth considering.”

A survey from Loup Ventures in November estimated that the Cybertruck’s sales figures would only capture a small portion of the construction industry. 5% of the truck’s total sales would be for construction use. Loup eventually went back on this and indicated that the construction industry was becoming increasingly aware, and interested, in Tesla’s first pickup, indicating a new 15% sales portion for the sector.

Towing, range, and durability certainly are not questions for those who will be using the Cybertruck. However, when talking about construction, the eight-foot tonneau may have brought up some concerns, even though its dimensions would technically constitute it to qualify as a “long bed.”

The few extra feet of space that could extend the bed of the Cybertruck into the cabin would make hauling long pieces of pipe, wood, or any other construction material a relatively straightforward process. More room would not just be advantageous for construction use, though. Owners of the truck would also be able to utilize the additional cargo space for an array of things. This would include moving furniture, for example.

One interesting use for the added room would be to utilize it for camping. Back in March upon the release of the Model Y, Brian Jenkins of i1Tesla installed a blow-up mattress in the back of his all-electric crossover. The Y comfortably housed Jenkins’ 6-foot 5-inch frame, but the Cybertruck would have undoubtedly made a sleeping experience more comfortable.

Tesla owner/enthusiast Kim Paquette also addressed the idea for the Cybertruck’s extended cab being beneficial for overnight use.

Camp Mode, and extended tonneau, and a large glass ceiling could revolutionize the outdoor sleeping experience for owners who will end up using the Cybertruck for this.

The possibility of an extended tonneau would benefit more people than many can fathom. While Musk seems enthusiastic about the idea, it has not yet been confirmed as an addition into the Cybertruck’s design. Whether it is included or not will only be known once Tesla begins production of the Dual and Tri-Motor configurations in late 2021.

Tesla’s Elon Musk considers Cybertruck tweak for more cargo space
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