Tesla Cybertruck’s exoskeleton will change colors based on temperature

The Tesla Cybertruck's tough exoskeleton could be a perfect fit for military use. (Credit: Adam Savage’s Tested/YouTube)

The Tesla Cybertruck’s cold-rolled steel exoskeleton could change colors based on the temperature of the metal, CEO Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter.

@Flcnhvy on Twitter asked Musk whether the cold-rolled stainless steel that Tesla would use for the Cybertruck would change colors when it was heated to different temperatures.

“Some types of steel change color when tempered, does that apply to cold-rolled stainless too? Would look pretty sick/unique if Cybertruck could be torched using not-a-flamethrower,” @flcnhvy said to Musk.

Musk simply replied, “Yes.”

While the electric automaker has not yet finalized the Cybertruck’s exoskeleton material, it will be comprised of some type of alloy. Musk confirmed that the alloy Tesla uses for its first electric pickup truck will change, and the company will not use the 30X series cold-rolled steel that was outfitted on the vehicle at its unveiling event in November.

After SpaceX built a new full-scale Starship prototype using a 304L alloy that may be stronger and more suitable for the Cybertruck, Musk said that the constituents and forming methods are rapidly changing. The Cybertruck’s design is meant to be reliable and robust. As new forming processes are discovered that make alloys denser, Tesla will likely continue to change the exoskeleton build of the electric truck.

However, the steel that is used will be able to change color based on the temperature because of its tempered nature. Tempering, also referred to as metallurgy, is a process of heat treating steel to increase the toughness of alloys.

Different temperatures will yield different colors, and the exposed steel will have a different appearance based on the heat that the exoskeleton is sitting in.

Many members of the Tesla community initially thought that the Cybertruck would only be available in its natural stainless steel color. However, Musk confirmed in mid-April that the Cybertruck would be possible for wrapping in any pattern or color that the owner desired.

However, some owners may choose to keep the original stainless-steel exoskeleton exposed. This will allow those owners to have an everchanging color scheme for their Cybertruck as the temperature of the steel body will depend on the temperature.

This idea will separate the Cybertruck from traditional pickups even more than before. The shape and specifications of the Cybertruck are already much different than a conventional combustion engine pickup. However, the ever-changing color of the truck’s exoskeleton will create an even more unique look.

The Cybertruck’s Dual and Tri-Motor variants will begin production in late 2021. The truck will be manufactured at Tesla’s new Giga Texas facility, which is located just outside of Austin.

Tesla Cybertruck’s exoskeleton will change colors based on temperature
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