Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck spotted testing on Fremont test track

Credit: Chile Al100, YouTube

A prototype version of the Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted at the Tesla test track, and it looks more production-ready than ever.

Thanks to a series of manufacturing upgrades, notably including the Gigapress at Giga Texas, the Tesla Cybertruck has never been so close to production. In fact, the new truck offering even appeared as part of Tesla’s April Fools Day post on Twitter, showing the truck in (almost) crash testing. Now, the Cybertruck has been spotted once again, this time on the Fremont test track in California.

The drone footage of the Cybertruck was first posted to YouTube by a smaller channel named Chile Al100, which showed the Cybertruck entering and testing on the Tesla track alongside a series of other Tesla vehicles, including a first-generation Tesla roadster.

Despite the Tesla Cybertruck’s massive size, it is expected to be a performance-oriented vehicle, with Elon Musk even claiming that it could outperform the Model Y in turns. Moreover, Tesla’s truck offering is set to be one of the most powerful on the market, especially as it will likely come equipped with Tesla’s latest motor technology, which has been handily beating competitors in numerous other vehicles.

Specific specifications remain unclear, and even much of the final design remains unknown. Still, a lot seems to be confirmed by both the drone and crash test videos posted today.

First, the now famous “giga-wiper” appears on both test vehicles in both videos, showing that Tesla has yet to stray from the single large wiper design. Second, some analysts believe that Tesla will use a MacPherson suspension design to keep the turning radius as tight as possible. Finally, as seen in particularly good detail in Tesla’s crash test video, the Cybertruck is expected to come with a frunk design reminiscent of the Ford F150 Lightning.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to see the final Cybertruck design, as it is expected to hit production during the summer of this year. And with thousands of orders already queued, there is no doubt that it could quickly become one of the most successful trucks on the market.

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Tesla Cybertruck spotted testing on Fremont test track
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