The Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster conundrum: What should come first?

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Joe Rogan was kind enough to invite Elon Musk to his studio in Downtown Los Angeles to pick his brain once more. Many of us, including me, refreshed Joe Rogan’s YouTube channel page, waiting for the UFC commentator and comedian to upload the interview. I watched the whole thing twice on the day that the podcast was released. And while I anticipated hearing about Tesla’s plan for the new U.S.-based Gigafactory or perhaps Tesla’s Plaid Mode, and even the Cybertruck, I was left helplessly waiting for more. Until there were eight minutes left in the episode and I figured out that the Roadster production was going to be delayed once again, but for a good reason.

Musk admitted that the Roadster was really sort of a luxury for all of us. It is a super-cool car, but that cool factor will also set you back over $200,000.

However, we all want to see the car itself, what it is capable of, and if SpaceX will have anything to do with it. These are all reasons I am conflicted, and I don’t know which I would rather see first. But, there are certainly reasons for both. I plan on telling you why each one has its own advantages to being released to Tesla fans before the other. So stick around, I think you’ll find the reasons compelling.


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When you’re finished reading, please email me or Tweet me and tell me which of the two you’d rather see first between the Roadster and the Cybertruck. I want to add that I really haven’t come to a decision on which I think should come out first. Maybe writing it out will help me come to a conclusion so that I might have a decision by the end of the newsletter.

First, I’ll talk about Cybertruck’s advantages.

It is a pickup truck, and America loves them. So does China. But looking past that, pickups are popular because they’re versatile. More often than not, they have acceptable performance, decent gas mileage (sometimes); they’re affordable when it comes to models like the Ford Ranger, and a lot of people in the States use them for sure. In my home state of Pennsylvania, a lot of trucks are on the road. Many of my friends have them, and heck, I even wanted one for my first car in high school. (I got a 1998 Volkswagen Jetta K2 in Silver if any of you are interested). But the car has three variants and is affordable to a multitude of income groups. It could, and in my opinion, will become one of Tesla’s most successful vehicles.

I know the truck will do well in the U.S. Not only because some people will buy it for the massive towing capacity and impressive range, but some will want to have a car that looks like no other car on the road. It will be instantly recognizable, and when people can wrap it in any color or pattern that they want, it will end up being the most customizable car of all time.

Next, Cybertruck is certainly the vehicle that will make Tesla more money. It’s more affordable, and its average cost is $53,000 between the three configurations. It kind of goes with the last point, because it is a mass-market vehicle, unlike the Roadster. But nevertheless, Tesla would likely see a significantly higher profit from the Cybertruck than the Roadster.

Next, people, in my personal opinion, are more interested in the Cybertruck. I’m not saying that I’m more interested in the Cybertruck or the Roadster. But I feel that more people are willing to learn more about a car than they might be able to put in their garage one day than one that more than likely will only enter the garages of a select few. I love the Roadster, don’t get me wrong. I am realistic when I say I don’t think I will ever have one. If I were to put a bet on it, I would bet at least 50:1 that I would own a Cybertruck before a Roadster.

Most people have no use for a Roadster. Most people won’t spend $200,000 on a car. Most people don’t need a vehicle that needs to go from 0-60 MPH in 1.9 seconds. It is cool, but would you use that as a daily driver over the Cybertruck? Probably not. The Cybertruck is undoubtedly more recognizable.

Okay, the Roadster has its advantages, too. I will go over those now.

Let’s be honest; we all want to see the Roadster. It was unveiled in 2017, and we’ve all been waiting. We all want to see what it is capable of. We all want to see its final design. We all want to see how fast the car’s final configuration really is.

Tesla says 1.9 seconds from 0-60 MPH, and I don’t think anyone will be surprised if it does attain that speed. I feel that it will, and I personally want to see what a speedy car will do against the Roadster. There is a multitude of different drag races that will be performed, and I personally feel the Roadster will beat all of them. The point is, it will be the most impressive vehicle ever made. It will be the center of attention whether you like gas cars or electric cars.

One of the main reasons is the timing for me. It was unveiled three years ago, and to some people, the car is called the “2020 Tesla Roadster.” Why shouldn’t it be?

We have all been waiting for three years to have this done and see what the Roadster can do. Why not get it done and let us know what it can do, and let the owners who preordered the vehicle drive it. It has been long-awaited. I realize a lot of people want to see it and what its performance will be, and I am one of them.

There are certainly reasons for both. They both have really significant advantages to being released first.

I personally want the Roadster to start production first, but I also actually plan on ordering a Cybertruck. So I’m certainly conflicted. But if I had to pick one at this moment, I’d hope the Roadster came out simply because I want to see its performance. I want the Roadster to be the fastest performance car in the world.

I can be patient for the Cybertruck if it means Roadster production comes sooner.


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The Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster conundrum: What should come first?
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