Tesla diagnostic software now available for purchase in the US

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla quietly debuted a set of service subscriptions that could help owners work on their own vehicles. The service subscriptions could pave the way for Tesla to allow owners to repair their own cars.

Tesla offers two service subscription packages. The first subscription is the Service and Repair Information package, which gives owners access to manuals, tooling catalogs, wiring diagrams, and other pertinent documents. Owners had access to these documents previously, according to Tesla owner-hacker @greentheonly or Green.

The second, newer subscription gives Tesla owners access to the company’s diagnostic software. Green noted that Tesla’s diagnostic software was not acc to US owners until now, but it was already available to owners in Europe. In December 2020, Tesla gave European owners access to their vehicles’ toolbox feature, granting them access to diagnostics and some software.

For details on the Service and Repair Information package, see the picture below.

Details for the Diagnostic Software Package are available below.

Tesla offering these service subscriptions hints that the company may be opening up to owners repairing their own vehicles. Giving EU owners access to the toolbox may have been a trial run for the US release of the service subscriptions.

A couple of weeks ago, a few drivers who owned Teslas with salvaged titles reported regaining access to the Supercharger Network. Unfortunately, the Supercharger access did not last. This suggested that Tesla may have either restored Supercharger access to salvaged cars by mistake, or the brief access to the rapid chargers was simply the company testing the waters. Blocking salvaged Teslas that are already repaired from the Supercharger Network is bad optics, after all, especially if non-Tesla EVs under varying degrees of wear and tear are allowed to access the rapid charging network.

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Tesla diagnostic software now available for purchase in the US
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