Tesla diner and Supercharger site gets grading, conduit and rain cover

Credit: 247Tesla | YouTube

Construction on the forthcoming Tesla diner, drive-in movie theater, and Supercharger site in Southern California has made more progress in recent weeks. Crews have now officially started interior work, along with grading for and the laying of electrical conduit, and new measures to protect against the weather.

Crews have been working on the Tesla diner site’s interiors since the site was seen being prepped for indoor work a few weeks ago. In a video update of the site shared by drone observer 247Tesla on Sunday, construction workers at the upcoming Hollywood Supercharger location were seen grading the site and laying some initial conduit.

In addition, you can see the workers attempting to cover the second level with tarps in preparation for rain, after another recent video depicted much of the building and interior covered with a protective plastic sheeting after interior and electrical work began.

Andy of 247Tesla also notes that the large amounts of conduit being run are shielded home run pulls for each charger, with the unique Supercharger requiring substantially more power than the average fast food restaurant.

Credit: 247Tesla | YouTube

Credit: 247Tesla | YouTube

Credit: 247Tesla | YouTube

Initial structures for the first movie screen were seen going up at the site in late February. As Andy points out in yet another recent video, the crew must wait until power lines come down on the property’s west side to begin construction of the planned second screen, according to a welder he spoke to on-site at the time. He also says that AT&T is reportedly responsible for the power lines, though it’s not yet clear when they’re expected to come down.

You can see three of Andy’s recent videos from the 247Tesla channel below.

Tesla Diner, Drive-in and Supercharger: Grading, Conduit and Rain Cover

Tesla Diner, Drive-in and Supercharger: Interior and Electrical, Plus Plastic Coverings

Tesla Diner, Drive-in and Supercharger: Second Screen Update

Tesla broke ground on the diner, drive-in and Supercharger site in September, following our coverage of a series of construction approvals granted to the project last year. The site plans show around 32 Supercharger stalls, as well as a multi-level restaurant building with seating on the upper deck, which is now coming together with the formation of the restaurant building’s structures.

The site, located at 7001 West Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, was first conceptualized on Twitter in 2018, when CEO Elon Musk and others discussed the concept of building a Supercharger with a 1950s-style restaurant, waiters on roller skates, rock and roll music, and two drive-in movie theater screens playing highlight reels from the best scenes in movie history.

Since then, a few design renders of the site have been shared, with perhaps the most popular being one from X account Howard Model S, in which the restaurant is dubbed “Milliways” after The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a favorite of Musk’s.

Tesla’s progress on Supercharger with diner, drive-in seen in aerial footage

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Tesla diner and Supercharger site gets grading, conduit and rain cover
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