Tesla says Superchargers now take just four days to open after delivery

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Tesla has highlighted a new milestone reached with the deployment of its Prefabricated Supercharger Units (PSUs), as they’re now being rolled out faster than ever before.

In a video shared on X by the Tesla Charging account on Monday, the company shows the process of pre-building, delivering, and installing its PSU V3 Supercharger stalls, noting that they now just take four days to be opened after their delivery date.

After pre-assembling the Supercharger stalls with the concrete base at its Gigafactory New York, Tesla says it can load 12 of the PSUs onto a single hauling truck before they’re shipped to station sites and craned into place. Finally, Tesla simply has to connect them to the utility provider before they become fully operational.

You can see the roughly one-minute clip from Tesla below, highlighting the entire process from initial assembly to opening.

Tesla also notes that its largest pre-assembled site to date has 76 of the PSU stalls, though it doesn’t disclose which location includes the hardware. Some of Tesla’s largest Supercharger stations include the 98-stall site at Harris Ranch in Coalinga, California, and its 84-stall station in Quartzsite, Arizona. Last month, Tesla also filed to build a station with over 200 Supercharger stalls in Osceola County, Florida, along with plans for a 164-stall site near Lost Hills, California.

In late February, Tesla also highlighted a similar milestone related to the speed of Supercharger deployment, pointing out that it is now opening around one new charging stall every hour. The deployment milestones also come as the company has begun opening its Supercharger network, which it says features over 2,300 pre-assembled Superchargers across North America, to other electric vehicle (EV) brands.

Tesla began the opening of its Superchargers in North America last month to owners of Ford and Rivian EVs, and the company is expected to gradually roll out access to the rest of the auto industry. The next EV brands expected to gain Supercharger access are Polestar and parent company Volvo and General Motors (GM).

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Tesla says Superchargers now take just four days to open after delivery
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