Tesla drops the price of its 2-hour Megapack variant by over $40,000

Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s Megapack grid-scale energy storage systems have been deploying all over the world, and the company has recently reduced the price of one variant of the giant battery by tens of thousands of dollars.

Tesla has seemingly dropped the price of its two-hour Megapack configuration by about $42,500, as spotted on Friday by Sawyer Merritt. The total price of a single two-hour Megapack unit is now estimated to be $1,278,860 when the install location is set to California, as can be seen on Tesla’s Megapack configurator page. The price can vary quite a bit depending on the state in which it’s installed, ranging to as high as $1,366,970 when the location is set to Alaska, for example.

Buyers can either order a Megapack in either two-hour or four-hour durations, with the latter option costing $1,227,090 in California. The two options offer different specs for power and energy ratings, as well as round trip efficiency, as can be seen below from Tesla’s website:

Two-Hour Duration Megapack

  • Power & Energy: 1,927 kW / 3,854 kWh per Megapack
  • Round Trip Efficiency: 92.0 percent

Four-Hour Duration Megapack

  • Power & Energy: 979 kW / 3,916 kWh per Megapack
  • Round Trip Efficiency: 93.7 percent

Shared specifications between the two

  • Interconnection: 480V AC 3 phase
  • Dimensions: W 347 in, D 65 in, H 110 in
  • Weight: 84,000 lbs max
  • Ratings and Certifications: IP66, UL 1973 / 9540 / 9540A / 1741, IEC 62619

Additionally, Tesla also lets you select whether or not you want the purchase to include installation, which can add a substantial amount to the order but lets the company take care of several adjacent needs for buyers. For a single, two-hour Megapack unit, for example, installation brings the total estimated cost to $2,081,060 in California, adding $802,200 in installation costs.

Tesla notes on the page that installation includes electric and civil design efforts, project permitting, construction, commissioning, and the addition of backup capabilities for critical load levels.

Buyers can also select the quantity of Megapacks they hope to install, with the price per unit dropping with each unit added. To buy a pair of two-hour Megapack units in California without installation, the estimated price lands at $2,526,640 for a per-unit savings of $29,080.

Tesla has been ramping up Megapack production at its so-called “Megafactory” in Lathrop, California, with as many as 339 of the giant battery units being spotted at the end of December. The company has also debuted a second Megafactory, located near its automotive plant in Shanghai, China, with a signing ceremony held last month.

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Tesla drops the price of its 2-hour Megapack variant by over $40,000
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