Tesla CEO Elon Musk gets courted by Florida Mayor, “You can open immediately”

Elon Musk during the Falcon Heavy's maiden flight. (Photo: National Geographic/YouTube)

Tesla has received yet another invitation to move its headquarters from Fremont, California, to another United States location. This time, Jacksonville, Florida, extended a request for the electric automaker to move its main facilities to the Sunshine State.

The invitation from the Mayor of Jacksonville follows CEO Elon Musk’s highly publicized threat that Tesla could relocate from California if Alameda County, where its main factory operates, continues to violate State-level regulations on the reopening of qualified manufacturing facilities.

Florida is one of many states that has offered its land to Tesla. Even though the company is planning to open a new production facility in the Central USA, there are no indications of where Tesla would prefer its headquarters and main production facility to be. While the company remains operational as of the time of writing, the company has made no efforts, nor has it hinted toward removing itself from California.

Musk’s vocal discontent with Alameda County began last Friday on May 8. After Governor Newsom had released a revised plan to begin reopening businesses on May 7, Musk and Tesla’s Head of Human Resources, Valerie Capers Workman, contacted Fremont employees by email. Both Tesla executives stated the company planned to resume “limited operations” by allowing 30% of employees to come in during a shift.

However, Tesla’s plans to begin producing its electric vehicles once again were foiled, as Alameda County health officials stated the company did not have a “green light” to resume manufacturing.

Tesla then filed a lawsuit against the County, stating its actions were “inexplicable” and went against the rules of Governor Newsom.

Musk chose to reopen Tesla’s main production facility in Fremont earlier this week. One worker stated that he had arrived at the plant on Sunday at 6 P.M., leaving after a twelve-hour shift.

Reports that Tesla had resumed production in Fremont began to circulate during the afternoon hours on May 11, after some noticed an influx of automobiles in the employee parking lot. Some speculated that it seemed to be just as full as an ordinarily operating shift.

Musk stated that he would be joining the workers on the production lines to help out as needed. Fully aware of the risk he was taking, the CEO said that if anyone were to be arrested, he requested to be the only one subjected to legal action.

Many states are chasing for the right to house the highly-sought-after automaker. Tesla would provide a substantial economic injection by employing at least 10,000 people. Additionally, the company’s presence could bring the U.S.’s first successful automotive startup in nearly 100 years to a new territory.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk gets courted by Florida Mayor, “You can open immediately”
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