Tesla addresses “recall” for the Model X with over-the-air software update

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Another over-the-air software update has addressed a “recall” for the Tesla Model X. A total of 29,348 vehicles comprised of 2021-2023 Tesla Model X were affected in the recall. 

As per the NHTSA’s Safety Recall Report, an issue in the restraint control module (RCM) calibration of the affected Model X units may result in the frontal passenger airbag deploying in an unintended configuration during low-speed collisions. This was especially the case if the person in the front passenger seat was a 3-6 year old that was unbelted and out of position. 

“In certain low-speed collision events where a 3- or 6-year-old front passenger is unbelted and out of position, a passenger airbag that does not comply with FMVSS 208, Section 21.4, may increase the risk of injury,” the NHTSA’s Safety Recall Report noted. 

No injuries or accidents have been reported in relation to the issue, as per the report. 

Tesla initially found the fault in the affected Model X units during a pre-scheduled Conformity of Production test on October 18, 2022. During the test, the affected Model Xs’ restraint system deployment logic did not operate as designed. Additional tests were conducted a week later to confirm the results of the initial test, and by November 8, 2022, a voluntary recall determination was made. 

As it is with Tesla’s typical vehicle recalls, the fix for the affected Model X units came through a free over-the-air software update. Thus, the only thing that owners of the affected vehicles have to do to get their cars fixed is to ensure that their vehicle is connected to the internet. Tesla also noted that starting November 15, 2022, all vehicles in production and pre-delivery containment were provided with a firmware release to avoid similar issues. 

“At no cost to the customer, Tesla will deploy an over-the-air (“OTA”) firmware update to affected vehicles that updates the calibration of the restraint control module to ensure that the frontal passenger airbag complies with FMVSS 208, Sections 21.4 and 23.4,” the Safety Report noted. 

Check out the NHTSA’s Safety Recall Report on the issue below. 

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Tesla addresses “recall” for the Model X with over-the-air software update
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