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Following Twitter exodus, Jaguar Land Rover opens tech focused job portal

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Jaguar Land Rover has opened a new job portal for recently displaced tech workers from Twitter, Meta, and Amazon; the automaker is looking to fill over 800 positions.

As the tech sector has entered a turbulent year, resulting in many companies instituting their first-ever layoffs, the automotive industry is poised to take advantage. With the rapid growth in demand for electric vehicles, automakers globally have been relatively protected from poor economic conditions. One company taking advantage of the situation is Jaguar Land Rover, which has opened a tech-focused job portal to hire those displaced from Amazon, Meta, Google, and Twitter.

According to reporting from Reuters, Jaguar Land Rover has opened this new job portal because the company believes the recently displaced tech workers are uniquely qualified to aid the company’s electrification efforts. Jaguar Land Rover’s new job portal focuses on hiring data scientists, software engineers, and those with a background in machine learning/self-driving technology.

JLR Chief Information Officer Anthony Battle released the following statement regarding the new portal: “Our digital transformation journey is well underway but being able to recruit highly skilled digital workers is an important next step. We are pleased to be able to provide opportunities to talented individuals with digital capabilities.”

According to the company’s press release, JLR will focus on hiring in the U.K., Ireland, the U.S., India, China, and Hungary, with most jobs located in the U.K.

Such a significant move towards electrification wasn’t expected from Jaguar Land Rover. Neither brand that gives the company its name has substantial electric offerings. Jaguar has offered the Jaguar I-Pace for a few years, while Land Rover has yet to introduce their first full-electric model. However, both brands have plans to introduce numerous models in the coming years. Notably, Land Rover will be presenting six full-electric models in 2024.

For JLR, the misfortune of the tech industry may be the opportunity they have been looking for. And for those who have been hoping for more electric models from these historic British brands, this may be the extra push you have been hoping for.

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Following Twitter exodus, Jaguar Land Rover opens tech focused job portal
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