Tesla seen as opportunity for post-pandemic economic growth to Fort Worth, TX

Credit: Twitter | Mayor Betsy Price

It appears that Tesla is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after companies in the United States, with the electric car maker’s speculated move to Texas receiving a vote of support from Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, who made a pitch to CEO Elon Musk requesting his company’s presence in the Lone Star State.

The Fort Worth mayor’s request goes past Texas being the new home of the world’s premier electric automaker. City officials see Tesla as a turning point in Fort Worth’s resurgence as an economic powerhouse in Texas, and the sustainable transportation company could be the spark needed to push post-COVID-19 economic growth.

Price acknowledged the inevitable loss of employment the pandemic is going to cause in her pitch. “Every city is going to lose some jobs and some businesses, so you’ve got to replace them,” she said, noting that Fort Worth is ready to make an offer to Musk.

Other cities in Texas have expressed their support of Musk, explaining why their city works for the electric car maker’s operations. Still, Fort Worth’s Betsy Price has an advantage that very few political officials have.

I had lunch with Elon Musk several years ago when he was looking for a place for his battery plant,” Price stated, according to an NBC affiliate in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. “So, he knows a little bit about Fort Worth. So, I think it is a great time to be recruiting him,” she added.

Fort Worth also has plenty of undeveloped land, the most in the State of Texas, with 70,000 acres left for commercial use. Tesla’s Fremont facility is 5.3 million square feet and only sits on 370 acres of land, so the Texas city’s large unused commercial areas could be a perfect fit for the electric car maker, particularly its upcoming Cybertruck Gigafactory/Terafactory.

“We have more green space than any other major city in Texas. We’ve got a lot of places to be built out still. We have a lot of older buildings and things that can be redone. We’ve got lots and lots of opportunities and lots and lots of space. It spreads out. It’s not quite as dense as some cities are and right now that lack of density is a plus for people,” Price said.

Musk has been fielding requests from several U.S. States for the past few days after he hinted that Tesla’s headquarters and future projects will be leaving California. Apart from Texas, Oklahoma and Florida officials have reached out to Musk with offers in the past week.

The Tesla CEO had been sparring with authorities in Alameda County over officials’ hesitation to reopen the Fremont factory, which produces the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. Ultimately, the Fremont plant reopened Sunday evening against county health officials’ orders. An agreement between both Tesla and Alameda County was eventually reached, which would allow the automaker to resume normal operations next week.

Tesla seen as opportunity for post-pandemic economic growth to Fort Worth, TX
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