Tesla posts critical reminder for free FSD Beta transfers

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Tesla has posted a critical reminder for owners who wish to transfer their Full Self-Driving (FSD) Capability to another vehicle. The announcement was shared on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. 

As per Tesla’s official account on X, electric vehicle owners are able to transfer their FSD suite to a new Tesla provided that they are able to take delivery by the end of September. This has resulted in some concern for a number of Tesla owners, as the delivery dates for their new vehicles are not within their control. 

Tesla’s FSD Capability was reduced to a price of $12,000 late last month. Prior to this, the advanced driver-assist suite cost $15,000. It is then understandable why Tesla owners who purchased FSD years ago are looking forward to carrying over their purchase to a newer vehicle. 

But as per Tesla when it posted details for the initiative, customers must take delivery of their new vehicle between July 20 and September 30 to qualify for the limited-time free FSD transfer. The new vehicle must also be configured with FSD as well. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed the company’s free FSD transfers during the Q2 2023 earnings call. Requests for free FSD transfers have been around for some time, though during the Q2 2023 call, Musk finally relented. He noted, however, that the free FSD transfers are a one-time amnesty

“So we’re excited to announce that for Q3, we will be allowing transfer of FSD. This is a one-time amnesty, so you need to take advantage of it in Q3,” Musk said. 

It should be noted that once the FSD transfer is initiated, the old vehicle will retain basic Autopilot functionalities. If customers wish to have FSD on both their old and new Teslas, they would have to purchase Full Self-Driving Capability for their new car as well. Both old and new vehicles must also be listed under the same Tesla account. 

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Tesla posts critical reminder for free FSD Beta transfers
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