Tesla posts full details on Full Self-Driving (FSD) limited time transfers

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During the second quarter earnings call, Elon Musk gave some very welcome news. After a long time of requests and questions from shareholders, Tesla is finally allowing owners of older vehicles to transfer their cars’ Full Self-Driving system to their new EVs. Musk noted that the offer will be limited, but it was a welcome update just the same. 

“So we’re excited to announce that for Q3, we will be allowing transfer of FSD. This is a one-time amnesty, so you need to take advantage of it in Q3,” Musk said during the call. 

Tesla has posted the pertinent details for its limited-time FSD transfers. As per the company, not all owners will be eligible for the FSD transfer offer. Instead, customers who take delivery of a new Tesla between July 20, 2023 and September 30, 2023 may be eligible to have their current vehicles’ FSD system be transferred to their new car. 

Once transferred, the old vehicle would still maintain some driver-assist features, though it would only be limited to basic Autopilot. Customers who wish to have FSD active on both their old and new cars are advised to purchase Full Self-Driving for both their vehicles. It should also be noted that Teslas delivered prior to July 20, used inventory vehicles, commercial cars, and leased vehicles, are not eligible for FSD transfers. 

To be eligible for Tesla’s FSD transfer offer, the customer must have their new Tesla delivered between July 20, 2023 and September 30, 2023. The vehicle must also have been configured with FSD. The customer must also be the legal owner and registrant of the current vehicle with FSD that was purchased outright. Both old and new vehicles must also be listed under the same Tesla Account. 

It should be noted that the capability to transfer FSD from one car to another is a one-time offer from Tesla. Thus, customers should expect the advanced driver-assist system to remain in their new car. The FSD suite will also remain in the vehicle even if it gets sold in the future. FSD transfers would only be available for Teslas that are listed in the same account as well. 

The full details of Tesla’s FSD transfer offer can be viewed here

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Tesla posts full details on Full Self-Driving (FSD) limited time transfers
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