Tesla’s FSD Beta program has traveled more autonomous miles than any rival

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It’s the power of 100,000 testers on public roads. During his opening remarks at Tesla’s second-quarter 2022 earnings call, Elon Musk revealed that the company’s FSD Beta fleet has driven over 35 million miles. That’s a staggering number of miles driven mainly with autonomous driving technology. 

In comparison, Waymo, the self-driving company spun out of Google, noted back in 2021 that its fleet had traveled 20 million miles of real-world roads since 2009. Considering that Tesla’s FSD Beta program only started in October 2020, the fleet’s 35 million miles is extremely impressive. 

During the earnings call, Elon Musk reiterated his stance that FSD would really be Tesla’s strongest competitive advantage in the market. He also mentioned FSD Beta’s rapidly-growing mileage, which was represented in a graph included in the company’s Q2 2022 Update Letter. 

“We have now deployed our FSD Beta with City Streets driving capability to over 100,000 owners. They’re very happy with the capability of the system and we’ll continue to improve it every week. We’ve now driven over 35 million miles with FSD Beta. 

“That’s more autonomous miles than any company we’re aware of, I think probably more than — it might be more than any — all other companies combined. So — and that mileage is growing exponentially,” Musk said. 

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A look at the graph posted by Tesla shows that the mileage of the FSD Beta fleet truly saw a rise from September 2021. This means that the majority of the 35 million miles that FSD Beta has traveled in public roads were recorded only in the past ten months. This time also coincided with Tesla’s efforts to expand its pool of FSD Beta testers through the use of its Safety Score system.

Elon Musk later noted that FSD Beta is still on track for a wide release before the end of the year for North American customers. This means that any owner who purchases and requests access to FSD Beta should be able to use the system. Musk also noted that he is still confident that Tesla could solve Full Self-Driving this year. 

“I’m highly confident we will solve full self-driving, and it still seems to be this year. I know people are like, ‘he says that.’ But it does seem to be epic. It does seem as though we are converging on full self-driving this year,” he said. 

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Tesla’s FSD Beta program has traveled more autonomous miles than any rival
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