Tesla FSD beta is learning tricks to navigate tight spaces

(Credit: Whole Mars Blog/YouTube)

Recent videos of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta in action revealed some interesting behaviors from the advanced driver-assist system. The videos showed FSD doing some almost-characteristically-human driving tricks, like briefly folding the side mirrors when navigating through tight spaces. 

Limited FSD beta user Whole Mars Catalog captured the driver-assist system’s side mirror trick in action. While navigating through a street, the Tesla owner’s Model 3 found itself between a big truck and a wall. Without missing a beat, the Model 3 promptly folded its side mirrors for a second to get additional clearance between itself and the moving truck. The mirrors folded out soon after there was enough distance between the truck and the all-electric sedan. 

This capability would most likely be appreciated by Tesla drivers, especially those who are still fairly new to driving. Maintaining speed and control while being boxed in between a large truck and an unforgiving highway divider probably ranks as one of the most stressful obstacles for new drivers. This is true for situations within city roads as well since navigating narrow roads and parking spaces are also tricky, even for human drivers. 

Full Self-Driving beta’s ability to handle narrow roads and tight spaces bodes well for the worldwide rollout of Tesla’s driver-assist system. Places like the UK’s residential areas, Hong Kong’s inner-city streets, and future markets like India tend to have narrower roads than the United States, so having an FSD system that can handle the challenges of driving in tight spaces would be invaluable. 

Apart from the FSD beta’s capability to automatically fold its side mirrors in narrow spaces, the system’s obstacle avoidance capabilities were also impressive. In a string of tests, conducted by Model 3 owner Tesla Raj, FSD beta was able to detect and avoid a series of obstacles that varied in size. The driver-assist system performed admirably, evading sudden obstacles on the road and slowing down smoothly to avoid crashing into objects blocking its path. 

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta is far from perfect at its current state, but looking at recent videos posted online, the potential for the system to eventually become on par with competent human drivers is evident. Tesla’s FSD beta may get better with time and experience. As such, it may not be too long before Elon Musk’s vision of autonomous Robotaxis becomes real. 

Check out Whole Mars Catalog and Tesla Raj’s recent FSD beta videos below.

Tesla FSD beta is learning tricks to navigate tight spaces
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