Tesla re-launches FSD beta transfers, adds Model 3 to Supercharging perk

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After reports have gone back and forth over the weekend about whether the Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta could be transferred to new vehicle purchases for a limited period of time, Tesla has officially re-launched the incentive. The automaker has also added the Model 3 to its limited-time transfers of lifetime Supercharging, after it was excluded from the perk when announced on Saturday.

Tesla is now allowing free FSD beta transfers on Model S, X, 3 or Y purchases in North America when buyers take delivery before March 31 (via Sawyer Merritt). The news comes after X user Omar of Whole Mars Blog noticed on Saturday that Tesla’s trade-in estimate page showed the ability to transfer the FSD beta to a newly purchased vehicle, including the following message:

“Includes transfer of your current trade-in vehicle’s FSD capability at no cost to you if you take delivery of a new Tesla vehicle by March 31, 2024.”

It’s not clear if the appearance of the offer was some kind of a mistake or glitch, as many suggested, and the sentence was later removed from the page. However, Omar soon shared a follow-up screenshot from a message sent by Tesla, saying that FSD beta transfers would be coming soon after all, and indicating that the company may have decided to re-launch the program after hearing from its customers.

“Coming Soon: FSD Transfer for US Customers,” Tesla wrote in the screenshotted message. “Great news! We have heard our customers’ feedback and are working to relaunch FSD transfers in the United States as soon as possible.”

In a Sunday update from Merritt, however, it appears that Tesla has not only officially re-launched FSD beta transferability, but the automaker will also offer the option for purchases of the new Model 3 in addition to the Model S, X and Y. Additionally, the update noted that the perk would be available in Mexico and Canada, along with being offered in the U.S., though the original message from Tesla only included the latter.

Tesla also launched transfers on free lifetime Supercharging on Saturday for those who take delivery by March 31. Although the offer was previously only available for buyers of the Model S, X and Y, the automaker has now also added the Model 3 to this incentive.

Last year, Tesla initially launched FSD beta transferability for those who took delivery of a new vehicle by September 30, being the first time transfers of the software to new cars were allowed. At the time, the automaker called it a “one-time amnesty,” though it appears that Tesla owners have been vocal about wanting FSD transferability since then.

Below you can see Tesla’s post about the FSD beta and Supercharging transfers, in which it also confirms that buyers can transfer both. Beneath that, you can see the transfer agreement that comes with the FSD beta transfer.


Tesla FSD beta transfer agreement by zacharydvisconti on Scribd

Updated 2/10/24: Added Tesla’s post and the FSD beta transfer agreement.

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Tesla re-launches FSD beta transfers, adds Model 3 to Supercharging perk
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