Tesla’s Elon Musk shares FSD Beta rollout strategy, V10.2 release date

Credit: Tesla Raj/YouTube and @28delayslater/Twitter

Tesla officially released its long-awaited request Full Self-Driving Beta button a few days ago. Elon Musk also clarified how Tesla plans to roll out the FSD Beta button to drivers, while explaining how the Safety Score system will be used.

Elon Musk explained via Twitter that drivers seeking eligibility to use Tesla’s FSD Beta button will need high scores in the Safety Score system.

“First few days probably 100/100, then 99, 98, etc.,” Musk replied when asked the minimum score drivers needed to access the FSD Beta button.

Many Tesla critics were up in arms after the EV maker released the FSD Beta button, citing safety concerns. The same critics seemed to misunderstand the merits of Tesla’s new Safety Score system and how it is designed to keep the FSD Beta program as safe as possible.

For instance, US Senator Richard Blumenthal claimed that “Tesla is putting untrained drivers on public roads as testers for their misleadingly-name, unproven system—a seeming recipe for disaster.”

Blumenthal’s claim missed that Tesla has released the FSD Beta button with extreme caution, as evidenced by the Safety Score system. Many drivers would want to participate in Tesla’s FSD Beta program, but the Safety Score system sets a clear prerequisite for those who wish to join.

Musk said in his recent tweet that a driver would need a perfect score to be eligible for the FSD Beta program. And according to drivers, getting 100/100 is extremely difficult. Since the FSD Beta program began, Tesla has always erred on the side of caution. There are no signs that Tesla will start doing otherwise anytime soon.

Musk stated that FSD Beta V10.2 would be released a week from this Friday. After V10.2 is released, Tesla plans to ramp access to the FSD Beta button by ~1000 owners per day, prioritized by the safety rating.

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Tesla’s Elon Musk shares FSD Beta rollout strategy, V10.2 release date
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