Tesla raises Full Self-Driving Capability’s price to $12,000

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has raised the price of its Full Self-Driving Capability to $12,000. The adjustment comes less than two years since the company raised FSD’s price from $8,000 to $10,000 back in 2020. 

The recent price increase was initially announced by CEO Elon Musk on Twitter earlier this month. In his update, Musk stated that FSD’s price would be rising to $12,000 on January 17, though he did highlight that the adjustment would only apply to the United States. Musk further noted that FSD should see some price increases as the system approaches its production release.

This is quite understandable since most of FSD’s advanced features, such as Navigate on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, and Summon, are usable in the United States without many limitations. The FSD Beta program, which allows early access to Autosteer on City Streets, an upcoming FSD feature, has so far only been available in the United States as well, though the Tesla CEO has mentioned that a Canada release is coming within the following weeks. 

Tesla owners in the United States who would be purchasing FSD today would be able to gain access to the company’s most advanced driver-assist functions. These include Navigate on Autopilot with Automatic Lane Changes, which allows automatic driving from highway on-ramp to off-ramp; Summon, which allows vehicles to pick up their owners in a parking lot; Autopark, which allows automatic parking; and Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control, which allows vehicles to slow down and stop for visible traffic lights or stop signs. 

Credit: Tesla

Arguably FSD’s most impressive feature, Autosteer on City Streets, is currently being developed and improved with the help of drivers who have signed up for the company’s FSD Beta program. Once Autosteer on City Streets becomes good enough for a wide release, then Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Capability would likely be well worth its price, regardless of its rather consistent price adjustments over the years. 

Watch the current iteration of Tesla’s FSD Beta system in the video below.

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Tesla raises Full Self-Driving Capability’s price to $12,000
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